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Wings Over America
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2004-Oct-18: Sir Paul Goes Online to Respond to Questions About Glastonbury

Sir Paul went online today to answer questions from fans about his Glastonbury appearance.(see September 1). Here are some of the replies posted on Sir Paul's web page:

Thomas Cardwell of Northern Ireland asked which concert Sir Paul would like to go back in time to experience again.

Sir Paul's reply: "Shea Stadium, New York, with a good sound system."

Martin Berka of Finland asked if he worried about touring with priceless instruments like his Hofner bass.

Sir Paul's reply: "No, they are just instruments to me. Lovely as they are, they're there to be played."

Joe Norman of the U.K. asked who would be in Sir Paul's fantasy line-up at Glastonbury.

Sir Paul's reply: "Living… Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Deceased… John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix."

Clorinda of the USA asked Sir Paul how it felt to know that his music had strongly influenced the young bands at Glastonbury.

Sir Paul's reply: "Cool!"

Christine of the USA asked if there was anything he would have done differently at Glastonbury

Sir Paul's reply: "It seemed to have worked fine for me."

Paul Arvizu of the USA asked if Glastonbury inspired Sir Paul to write any new songs.

Sir Paul's reply: "Maybe a bit because I'm working on a new album now."

Laurence Guymer of the UK asked how the Glastonbury experience compared with Shea Stadium in 1965.

Sir Paul's reply: "The difference was you could hear us!"

Peter McPhillips of the UK asked if Glastonbury rates as Sir Paul's top gig ever.

Sir Paul's reply: "It does."

Gareth Morgan of the UK asked which 8 bands would comprise Sir Paul's ultimate Glastonbury lineup

Sir Paul's reply: "The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, Queen, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Radiohead, and Sex Pistols (to name but a few)."

Jordan of the U.K asked if it was difficult for Sir Paul to select a limited number of songs to perform at Glastonbury?

Sir Paul's reply: "Yes".

Bill and Cher of the USA asked if Sir Paul gets a kick out of youngsters enjoying his classic tunes.

Sir Paul's reply: "Yes it's a great tribute and a buzz."

Tori of the USA asked what was this inspiration for his new song Follow Me.

Sir Paul's reply: "Love love love."

Jordan of the U.K asked if it is possible to rock in wellies.

Sir Paul's reply: "Definitely dryer."

Trenz of Germany asked if Sir Paul was nervous when he walked on stage at Glastonbury.

Sir Paul's reply: "No, there was not enough time to be nervous as we got there late."

Michael of the USA asked now long it took Sir Paul to prepare for the Glastonbury concert.

Sir Paul's reply: "All my life."

Ingrid Perez of the USA asked if playing festivals was as good as playing in his own concert appearances.

Sir Paul's reply: "It's different, a different kind of excitement."

Stephen from Ireland asked if he were asked to form a supergroup to play at Glastonbury again, who would he include.

Sir Paul's reply: "I'd choose a bench full of buskers from the street."

Stephen Jerkins of the USA asked if Glastonbury was reminiscent of his Wings era appearances.

Sir Paul's reply: "Not really, we didn't really do many festivals."

Nick Crewdson of the U.K had the winning question (personally selected by Sir Paul). He asked how he thought the Glastonbury appearance may have changed his image among the younger generation.

Sir Paul's reply: "Maybe many of them hadn't seen me play live before. I got a lot of good feedback from younger people after the gig. We had a ball."

Nick's prize was an autographed copy of Sir Paul's soon to be released (November 5) book Each One Believing - On Stage, Off Stage, and Backstage.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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