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Wings Over America
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2004-Oct-14: Sir Paul and Neil Young Perform at the Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit

(Updated October 19 & 20 & 22) Sir Paul was in Los Angeles this evening to perform with Neil Young at the fourth annual Adopt-A-Minefield $500-per-plate charity event which was held at the Century Plaza Hotel. Sir Paul and his band performed Drive My Car, Blackbird, Michelle, Get Back, In Spite of All the Danger, and Here Today. Neil Young performed an acoustic set, featuring backing vocals from his wife, Pegi. His set included Pocahontas, Heart of Gold, Harvest Moon, and Four Strong Winds. Both Paul and Neil took the stage to perform Only Love Can Break Your Heart and the evening's closer Hey Jude.

Among those attending the event were Stephen Stills, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Steve Buscemi, Pamela Anderson, Ron Meyer, Jack Nicholson, Julia Ormond, Armyan Bernstein, Sid Ganis, Tom Ortenbery and Bill Maher. Sir Paul told his 1,500 guests:

"We have a bit of fun but, as you can see, we do a lot of good along the way. That's one of the magic things ... When you've worked hard and you've had a lot of luck, you get to a position, where Neil and I are at, you can do a little bit more. It's a magic thing.

"The more you look into the landmines situation, the more it's really shocking because some of them are made to look like toys, so kids pick these things up. We want to see a mine-free world so that people in these countries can go to school and not risk getting their legs blown off. Wars may end, but landmines laid by armies always stay behind. We believe armies should take their garbage with them and not leave it behind to blow up innocent women and children.

"We helped a young man who'd been blinded and had lost his limbs and he's now walking again he's going to school. We managed to give him a computer so he's putting his life back together.

"So ... that's important too, as well as the huge picture, but you know, onward and upward. We're going to see the last landmine lifted one of these days; with your help."

The event raised $1.25 million for the McCartney charity. The autographed replica of Sir Paul's 1964 Epiphone Texan guitar was sold on auction for $50,000.

Sir Paul and Neil Young will perform together again on October 23-4 during Neil Young's 18th annual Bridge School benefit concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California (see September 8). The concert is being help to raise money to support the Bridge School’s efforts to educate students struggling with severe speech and physical impairments. Neil Young and his wife Pegi helped found the Bridge School in 1986, as their son, Ben, was born with cerebral palsy. Prime seats for the concert are still available by auction on the Bridge School's web site.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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