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2004-Oct-06: Sir Paul Talks about the Adopt-a-Minefield Program

This morning on NBC's Today show, Sir Paul talked to reporter Natalie Morales about his support for the Adopt-a-Minefield program to eliminate landmines around the world. Sir Paul talked about the innocent victims of landmines:

" The more you look into it, they're really shocking. Because some of them are made to look like toys so kids pick these things up. A lot of progress is being made. The trouble is, it's very difficult for world leaders to just say, `OK, we won't use landmines.' We want to see a mine-free world so that people in these countries can go to school and--and not risk getting their--their legs blown off."

During the October 15th fourth annual Adopt-a-Minefield benefit gala, an autographed replica of the guitar Sir Paul used to compose Yesterday, his Gibson Epiphone Guitar, will be up for auction:

"They've copied the first few down to the scratches, down to every little ridiculous detail".

What does he think is the enduring appeal of his song Yesterday?

"For me, the thing was, it's a magic song, because I--I woke up one morning and I dreamed it. I woke up, (hums "Yesterday") and said, `What's that?' It was just something I must have heard yesterday. Yesterday. As to why it--it's endured, the only thing I can suspect is it came to me magically, and it's sort of endured magically."

Sir Paul says that his music has given him a voice for causes like the problem of landmines:

" I feel very grateful that I have people's attention, you know, so that by strumming this guitar, by talking about this through the music, you can actually take some little guy in Cambodia, some little girl in Iraq, and you can actually save their lives. And it's all just through music. It's magic."

Bid for Sir Paul's autographed Signature 1964 Epiphone Texan No. 001 Gibson guitar may be made through October 14th at and to benefit Adopt-A-Minefield. A second replica guitar, No. 002, will be part of a live auction at the October 15 Adopt-a-Minefield gala. These 2 instruments are the first in a 40-guitar issue from Gibson.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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