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2004-Jul-13: On the Road with Sir Paul

Today's Mirror provides a behind-the-scenes report from their McCartney "mole" which reveals some of Sir Paul's backstage requests issued during his recent 14-day European tour:

"Everybody knows that Paul banned all meat and meat byproducts on the entire tour, but what isn't known is just how particular he is about other things, too. He's a huge fan of flowers but they have to be certain varieties from reputable florists. Plants have to be as full at the bottom as they are at the top - and he doesn't like tree trunks so indoor trees are forbidden.

"Paul likes to entertain and requests two banqueting tables in every place he stops, but they have to be made from sustainable wood. Glass and lacquer are forbidden as the methods used to produce them can be harmful to the environment.

"Paul is very keen on recycling and made sure everyone on the tour made full use of the facilities he arranged. The rubbish bins had to be policed at regular intervals throughout the day. If Paul found out that recyclable materials were being thrown out with the ordinary trash, there'd have been hell to pay.

"Paul insists that no leather or animal skins are used anywhere near him. He goes mad if he's even near fake animal prints.

"He likes to travel in a limousine but leather seats tend to come as standard in limos. Venue staff had to ensure that seats were re-covered in time for his arrival - and then changed back.

"You don't say no to the likes of Sir Paul."

The article adds this quote from an hotel insider:

"Paul is very specific about what he wants. He's done 3,000 live dates in his career and having spent so long away from home it's obviously very important that he feels comfortable on every stage of the tour."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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