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Wings Over America
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2004-Jul-06: Sir Paul Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of "A Hard Day's Night"

(Updated July 9) In London this evening, Sir Paul and members of the cast and crew of A Hard Day's Night celebrated the 40th anniversary of the film at a private screening at the Sony Theater in London's Golden Square. Sir Paul appeared visibly moved when he told the press that he had not seen the movie since it was released in 1964:

" The last time I saw this film was at the premiere, Yes, it takes me back. It’s great seeing it again. It’s very sad that George and John aren’t around to see it. The film looks so great and as if it was just yesterday - but it wasn't. Heather has never seen it full-length, we have just seen bits and pieces."

Ringo wasn't present at the screening. "He's resting!" joked Sir Paul. Actually, Ringo was off celebrating his 64th birthday.

Present at the screening was David Janson (the actor who at the age of 13 played the young boy who befriends Ringo. He told reporters:

"I was at drama school and was called to audition for the part. The content of the film was all a big secret and I had no idea it was a film about The Beatles. On the first day of filming I was handed the script and it had a blank cover. Then I opened it up and it said 'The Beatles' - that was the first I knew of it. I couldn't believe it. The Beatles were a phenomenon. The film brings home to you just how big they really were."

Also at the screening was Victor Spinetti (the actor who played the neurotic TV director). Mr.Spinetti told reporters:

"Paul was visibly moved to see the film again. He hasn't changed. The Beatles were real people, there was nothing fake about them, and that comes across in the film. It is wonderful to see it again, particularly because when it first came out you couldn't hear a word of it over the screaming fans."

A Hard Day's Night is being released on DVD internationally this week. It will include additional rare footage of The Beatles.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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