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Wings Over America
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2004-May-06: Young Beatles' Impressions

Liverpool's Daily Post reports that a Record Mirror questionnaire completed by three of The Beatles back in 1963 (John Lennon didn't complete the form) and recently sold for pounds 14,300 at a Christie's pop memorabilia auction in South Kensington, London provides some revealing details about early impressions of the young Beatles:

What was life on the road like for young Paul McCartney? "Didn't eat for 28 hours once, used to cook tins of spaghetti on primus by roadside."

What were his ambitions outside music at the time? "Money."

His main extravagances at the time? "Little things - clothes and food."

What was George Harrison's first impression of him? "Fat and friendly."

What did his family think of his becoming a star? "My dad likes it but thinks we're a way bit too much."

Did his family encouraged him? "Yes, not half. ..suffered my practicing for years."

How did he describe Brian Epstein? "A good manager: astute, sympathetic,good lad,dad!"

In the questionnaire, George Harrison described his first meeting with the other Beatles:

"Met Paul first, on the bus home from school eight years ago. Met John one year later in the chip shop by school. Met Ringo in Kaiserkeller Club, Hamburg. Looked moody but found he was quite different once I got to know him."

And how did Ringo Starr reply to the question regarding the effect his success has had on his life?

"Mother has worked all her life - doesn't have to work any more."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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