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Wings Over America
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2004-Apr-13: The Early Show Part II

In part II of Sir Paul's Early Show interview, correspondent Hattie Kauffman asked if he had any idea 40 years ago that in the year 2004 he would be still involved it so many creative outlets? Sir Paul replied:

"I didn't really. I mean, we felt very lucky just to have a job then, and we didn't think it would last long. There were interviews at the time: 'How long do you think this will last?' Well, couple a years. Ringo was saying, 'and then I'll get a string of hair dressing salons.' We didn't have much of a future, we didn't think.

"I could have got very straight and become a suit, and got serious about things. But it just never appealed to me, that. Even if I'm in a business meeting, we still have a lot of fun. I think it keeps you feeling good about yourself. It keeps you feeling young. It means you can identify with people of all age groups, too. Kids, to me, aren't necessarily kids, or younger people; they're just other people."

Not only does Sir Paul provide most of the voices on his new animated DVD. He also uses his voices to entertain his wife, Heather:

"In the early days of me and Heather getting together, it was kind of private. So I'd ring her, and I would always be: (with funny voice) 'Hello, this is Vladimir, I give very good massage.' Or 'Mr. Pattel selling double–glazing. Double glazing, please. We can undercut anybody you like.' She always knew it was me, and her assistant always knew 'Paul's on the phone'."

Sir Paul's music is attracting a new generation of fans:

"These kids know the songs better than I do. I watch them to see how it goes. 'Oops, I made a mistake. Eleanor Rigby. Yep, you're right.' They know them. It’s great -- a really great tribute to the Beatles in that case, that the stuff lasts and it still works."

Does Sir Paul have any plans to retire?

"No, I don't, sort of, feel like that. There may come a point where I think, 'Oh, I've really had enough, I'm fed up, I don't want to do this anymore.' For instance, writing songs you know, pretty much any holiday I go on, if there's a piano, I'll pretty much always be there, or take my guitar. Well, its a hobby for me. I can't imagine me ever stopping wanting to write a song. I'm still trying to write a decent song! I'll get there."


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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