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2004-Mar-30: Sir Paul's Annual Truckee Residency

It seems to have become an annual event! During his Lake Tahoe ski vacation, Sir Paul has once again seized the opportunity to perform at Moody's Bistro and Lounge - the same Truckee, California night spot where he surprised diners last year with an impromptu concert. ( See March 1, 2003). At about 9:30 on Monday evening, Sir Paul jumped on stage to join the George Souze Trio for a 15- minute set. He introduced himself saying:

"Unfortunately, you have an unscheduled guest here at Moody's."

He then performed Don't Get Around Much Anymore with the jazz trio, followed by Kansas City with some new McCartney lyrics:

"I'm going to Tahoe City, going to get me some skiing."

Sir Paul told the crowd that these visits to the lounge of the old Truckee Hotel had become his "annual residency". He and Heather spent about two hours dining at a small table near the stage and enjoying the music (which included a jazz rendition of Yesterday).

According to musician, George Souze:

"Everyone totally went nuts. They just kind of snuck him in through the kitchen. They do in-home cooking for him when he's here. It was definitely a feel-good time by everybody. I think he seemed like he had fun. They were probably there two hours. He was very gracious. I think the guy has a future in show business."

There were about 70 people in the restaurant at the time. One audience member told reporters:

"It was awesome. I'm a little young to be a die-hard fan, but he's Paul McCartney, a living legend. ... and he's sitting 15 feet away from you in a restaurant in Truckee."

Another said:

"There was sort of a buzz in the whole room but I was clueless until he got up on stage. It's something you could never expect in your lifetime, to go to a small restaurant in Truckee, California and see Paul McCartney sing a couple of creative tunes. It was a blast."

Sir Paul and Heather had spent the week skiing at various Lake Tahoe . On Saturday night, the couple attended the Prince concert at the University of Nevada in nearby Reno.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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