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Wings Over America
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2004-Feb-15: Defending Heather

(Updated February 19) Sir Paul has placed an emotional phone to The Sun newspaper to defend his wife, Heather Mills, from her critics. Sir Paul told the reporter:

[I'm not]"some stupid old man who fell for someone who looks good. That's rubbish. I'm not stupid. I wouldn't marry someone for their looks - they'd have to have a lot more than that. My wife is a really good woman, but people don’t like to accept that. Heather is a really decent person. All she does is good things. I see the other side of her that people don’t see because I’m married to her. The truth is, Heather never seeks publicity for all the work she does with her landmines charity. And yet all that people do is knock her. They don’t see all of the things that she does without asking for any thanks or recognition. Heather is a really decent person. All she does is good things. I see the other side of her that people don't see because I'm married to her. She actually bothers to get up off her backside and do things to help people.

"A few months ago, this 13year-old girl was pushed in front of a train by some yobs and lost her leg. As soon as Heather found out we went up to Liverpool and Heather took her for swimming lessons. She gave that young girl confidence to carry on . . . She can make young girls who have lost a leg get their confidence back. I can’t do that, and there are very few people on this Earth who can. She's doing things like that every single day. She doesn't take one single penny, but she counsels these kids. She's a real good 'un."

Sir Paul also seized the occasion to set the record straight about the relationship between Heather and his daughter, Stella:

"I'm sick of people saying Heather and Stella don't get on - the truth is they do. Stella was round at ours the other day seeing our baby girl – and Heather and I had a great time at Stella’s wedding. We were dancing there until the early hours, although it was written that we left early to go to bed. Heather is always going into Stella’s shop to buy things. She bought all her friends Stella’s perfume as presents. There’s no problem between them. Heather's an amazing person who does amazing things to help people. We are a normal family, trying to do normal things."

One of the "normal things" Sir Paul and Heather enjoyed over the weekend was a Valentine's Day wedding. The McCartney's were dressed for the occasion in their best Valentine's Day attire - Heather in a black dress dotted with red hearts and Sir Paul in a black suit and bright red tie. The bride (Heather's friend Julie Wong) arrived a bit late for the Rottingdean, Sussex ceremony. During the wait, Sir Paul did his best to distract the groom, John Hoole. According to a guest:

"The bride was half an hour late and the groom was getting nervous. While he sweated, Paul ran up to show him the pictures of Beatrice he carries around with him."

Later, Sir Paul and Heather joined the wedding party at the reception at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. They only stayed long enough for a glass of champagne so as not to eclipse the bride and groom on their special day.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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