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2003-Dec-18: Beatles "Reunion" Up For Auction

A tape box up for auction is being offered as proof that the Beatles reunited on November 2, 1976 for a recording session at Davlen Sounds studio in Los Angeles. Gary Zimet, curator of the auction web site, is selling the item. The label on the tape box reads:

Client: Warner/Elektra/Atlantic

Artist: John, Paul, George, Rich

Producer: GM (George Martin)

Engineer: GE

Master Reel #1


#1 Happy Feeling 4 min 32 sec

#2 Back Home 3 min 43 sec

#3 Rockin' Once Again 5 min 34 sec

#4 People of the 3rd World 7 min 48 sec

#5 Little Girl 4 min 54 sec

Unfortunately, the tape inside the box has been "bulk erased", but Mr. Zimet claims another tape of the session is stored in the Abbey Road studio.

Mr. Zimet told the New York Daily News:

"Paul McCartney has done everything within his power to keep this out of print since it would be hideously embarrassing to him that the Beatles tried to get back together and failed. ... They ended up fighting, they walked out of the studios.

"I'm a collector, I've been in the entertainment business, and I acquired this roughly six weeks ago. I purchased it from a former employee of Apple from way, way back. The only reason he knew of the tape was because of working in a minor capacity with Apple. He's not a big shot - he was just a young performer and actor. [He] got scared into burying it ... He refused to make the tape public basically out of fear of Paul McCartney. Apparently it was a bad way to end things. There were a lot of rumors that they had gotten back together, but no one could prove it. Now I've got the proof. There were five songs put on the tape. Five songs - four were new and one was a remake. The remake was Little Girl."

Sir Paul's representative, Paul Freundlich's says it never happened:: "What reunion was that? I am not aware of any Beatles reunion in the 70s."

Bidding on the item will run from December 20 - January 20.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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