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2003-Nov-08: Sir Paul and Ringo Discuss "Let It Be...Naked

As part of the November 17 re-release of Let It Be ... Naked, Sir Paul and Ringo Starr have issued a press release in which they talk about the album. Ringo states:

"It sounds bloody great without Phil."

Sir Paul writes:

"What you're hearing now is the sound the four of us made in the studio, but when the album came out the sound of the songs had been changed in the studio to suit the 'soundtrack' element. We've just gone back, taken off all the 'extras' and now it sounds exactly as it was in the room at the time - you're right there.

"We were being constantly filmed or taped and all these tensions were being laid bare, there was no way they could be disguised. It was painful for us and I think it did contribute largely to the breakup. There were arguments, there were disagreements, but at the same time there were lots of friendly moments. It's the opposite of a holiday where you forget the rain and remember the great bits you had, with this I think we all just remembered all the bad times - particularly because they were caught on camera.

"There was talk of the film Let It Be being released on DVD, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that the music used in the film is unadorned; there is no Phil Spector. It's not that I hated what Phil Spector did to the music on the album, I just didn't like it. When I heard the songs as they were in the film, I thought 'Wow, it's almost scary, it's so bare', I really liked it. This is us, no frills, no artifice. Why don't we put the album out again, but this time 'naked'? It just seemed so obvious.

"There will always be sour memories of the Let It Be album. It was my favorite group in the world breaking up. But what is great and what is a great memory is the music we made. And now, in its unadorned form, there it is exactly as we made it."

Ringo goes on to say:

"You're actually right there with the band now on Get Back and For You Blue and The Long And Winding Road blew me away without the strings. There's nothing wrong with Phil's strings but it's been 30-odd years since I've heard it without all that and it just blew me away. Let It Be is just an incredible track too and now you realize why we called the album after that song."

In the release, Sir Paul and Ringo stress that they were always unhappy with the sound of the Let It Be album, and that is why they have chosen to re-release the album in its "naked" format. They state, however, this this is a unique situation particular situation and that nothing else in their music catalog will be changed - ever!

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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