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2003-Nov-01: A First Look At Baby Beatrice

The world has been granted a first look at three-day-old Beatrice Milly McCartney. A black and white photograph has been released showing baby Beatrice being held by her mother while her father tickles the top of his baby's head. This happy family portrait was taken by Sir Paul's brother, Mike, who told reporters as he left the St. John and St. Elizabeth Hospital last evening:

"The baby's lovely. Really beautiful. I think she looks like both of them, but you'll have to make up your own mind."

Uncle Mike also revealed why he was the one chosen to take this special picture:

"Because I'm a genius photographer!"

Publications wishing to publish the photograph must abide by some stringent conditions which include a donation of £1,000 plus VAT to the McCarntey's Adopt-a-Minefield charity.

Beatrice Milly came into the world 17 days earlier than expected. She was delivered by emergency caesarian on Tuesday evening. Heather and Beatrice Milly are expected to be released from the hospital sometime this weekend. Meanwhile, Sir Paul has been spotted whistling his baby to sleep as he cradles her in his arms while walking down the hospital corridors. One hospital visitor remarked, "Sir Paul is beaming. Everyone's really happy." Another new father in the hospital said he saw Sir Paul "whistling with a broad smile across his face". Still another reports, "He was whistling away last night. He is beaming. He was walking up and down with the baby in his arms. There have been people in and out all the time."

Sir Paul and Heather will take the next three months "off work" to spend with their new baby. Recently, Heather explained:

"I'm taking maternity leave and Paul is taking paternity leave. I want to be a proper mum as much as I can. I want to be totally focused and spend some quality time with the baby."

It may be a while before baby Beatrice meets her sister, Stella. Alasdhair and Stella are currently enjoying a late honeymoon in Mexico.




(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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