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Wings Over America
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2003-Oct-22: Paul Comforts Paul

One victim of last week's Staten Island ferry disaster was a man named after Paul McCartney. Yesterday, 24--four-year old Paul Esposito, who lost both of his legs in the crash, received a message of hope from the man he was named for. Sir Paul wrote:

Dear Paul,

Heather and I were so sorry to hear about your accident but we know that you and others involved in this tragedy will be strong and will recover fully. We're sure you will keep your spirits up. Heather and I know you will lead a full and active life and we both send you our love. Heather is organizing her people to provide help and counseling for those caught in this disaster and I hope that their work will comfort you all.

Paul McCartney

Mr. Esposito had one word to describe the thrill of receiving the message from Sir Paul: "Awesome!" Still bed ridden at the Staten Island University Hospital. He is groggy and in excruciating pain. The ferry accident sheared off his legs and shattered his arm and pelvis, yet his spirits remain high. They were lifted even higher when he received Sir Paul's note:

"I appreciate everyone having me in their thoughts and prayers. I'm surprised Paul McCartney had time to take out of his life to show concern for my case. I'm touched that a big celebrity would make time for me."

Mr. Esposito's mother, Audrey-Jo, was stunned when she heard that her idol had contacted her son. Mrs. Esposito told the New York Daily News:

"I think that's very kind. He [McCartney] is that way. He's a kind man. Please tell Paul McCartney thank you for that. . . . I'm so glad I named him after Paul McCartney!"

Heather announced yesterday that she will serve as an advocate for all those who lost limbs in the ferry disaster. Heather wrote:

I was so sorry to learn about the Staten Island ferry disaster and to hear how many people have lost limbs as a result of this tragic accident. My office and I are in regular contact with the four hospitals in which they are being treated - Staten Island University Hospital, North, South and Concorde. They are all receiving the best possible medical care and emotional support. ... We hope they will be fitted with the best possible prosthetic limbs as soon as it is appropriate so they can continue to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

Heather Mills McCartney

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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