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2003-Sep-28: Heather Wants A Private Education For Her Child

The Mail on Sunday reports that unlike the other McCartney children, Sir Paul and Heather's child will most likely attend a private school. The newspaper reports that Heather has told a friend that the couple has discussed the baby's education and that she has made it clear to Sir Paul that she wants "the very best of everything" for their child, including an education at one of the UK's best private schools. Heather's friend is quoted as saying:

"Heather's so excited and naturally she wants the best for her baby. She can't wait to be a mother and she's planning everything very early. Heather didn't come from a privileged background and wants her child to have the best possible schooling. She has said she will have to work at turning Paul round because he is not completely convinced. But she is very good at winning him over. She has planted the seed in his mind early.'

One of Sir Paul's oldest friends told the newspaper he is surprised to hear this, saying, "It flies in the face of everything Paul stands for."

Mary, Stella and James McCartney all attended Thomas Peacocke Community College in Rye, East Sussex. In a recent interview, Stella called her father a "tight bastard" for sending her to a comprehensive:

"I didn't go round thinking what great benefits there are for me going to a comprehensive. But I could look after myself. I was a bully for a while."

Sir Paul replied:

"It was a mum-and-dad decision and Stella hasn't done badly by it. I'm not really that tight. We were careful to send them to a normal school and they were fine. I didn't want to spoil my kids because if you've got money, you end up with spoilt brats running around."

Last night, a spokeswomen for Heather refused to firm plans for the new baby's schooling saying,

"This was a private conversation between Heather and a friend, so I cannot comment on it."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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