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Wings Over America
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2003-Sep-01: Words from the Uncle of the Bride

Mike McCartney told the Liverpool Echo that Sir Paul looked "every inch the proud father" as he walked his daughter Stella down the aisle of the Mount Stuart chapel on Saturday. Last evening, Mike McCartney spoke of his niece's wedding from his home in Heswall, Wirral:

"Stella looked so beautiful, really stunning. The dress was an old-fashioned lace design with a modern twist, she wore a traditional veil and looked very elegant. Her sister, Mary, was one of a number of bridesmaids.

"Before the wedding, Paul and I went for a quick drink at the local pub. He was beaming with pride all day. It was a very happy, personal, wedding."

London's Evening Standard describes Stella's wedding gown as a strapless, fitted dress in a yellowy, lime color which she designed with Gucci boss, Tom Ford.

As a surprise for his daughter and in tribute to Linda, Sir Paul booked the Campbeltown Pipe Band to perform at the end of wedding dinner. The Campbeltown Band was a favorite of Linda's and played the pipes with on Sir Paul on his recording of Mull of Kintyre. The surprise brought tears of joy to Stella's eyes.

Following the wedding feast, the guests moved outside to enjoy fireworks which included pink love-hearts and a display which spelled out Mr. and Mrs. Willis.

The wedding guests partied until 6:00 in the morning. However, Stella's stepmother, Heather Mills, seven months pregnant and still a bit jetlagged from the flight from New York, was in bed before midnight. On Sunday, Sir Paul (still wearing a wedding flower in the buttonhole of his jacket) and Heather were photographed boarding a helicopter to Prestwick Airport to catch a flight to London.

The Evening Standard reports that the newlyweds will live in Stella's Notting Hill flat in West London until they find a family home. The couple also own a £1.3 million mansion in Worcestershire. In lieu of wedding gifts, the couple asked each guest to buy a tree for them so they can start a forest.


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