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Wings Over America
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2003-Aug-24: Sir Paul Praises New British Band Steadman

The young British group, Steadman, received a big endorsement from Sir Paul as they prepare to launch their new CD Revive. Sir Paul praised the album saying that Steadman:

"have the songs, the musicianship, the energy, and enthusiasm to blow the top off any club or arena, and, if given a listen, have that rare quality -- the ability to deliver!"

According to the band's lead singer and songwriter, Simon Steadman:

"It's really remarkable that he is willing to put his words out there to support us. It's amazing to be acknowledged like that. He has a place in Hastings, where we are from, and a friend of ours slipped him our first CD and he liked it, and one night he came to see us play in this tiny club.

"I was setting up our equipment and I felt a tap on the shoulder and I turn around and he says, `Hi, I'm Paul, I really love your music.' We played the show and he sat about five seats away from the stage, and I could see that he was singing along with some of the songs. Incredible. When we finally finished our Revive we got him a copy and that's when he wrote the recommendation. You can't beat that; the guy's a legend.

"I grew up listening to people like Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, and Curtis Mayfield. I adored their singing and still do. We are heavily influenced by '70s soul music and combine that with our love for bands like the Beatles, the Doors, and Traffic, and you get an interesting sound. We don't want to come across like any other typical modern rock band, and we truly believe that if you don't have the songs you don't have anything, so that is our focus.

"You know there's that old adage that you can't be concerned with how people classify you, just let the music take care of itself, and I do believe that. But I also believe that you have to get heard, and that's why I'm hoping that there are radio people out there who will really listen to what we have to offer and give us a chance. We are going to do our part, and if we get a little help -- and we've gotten a lot so far -- I think that we can really make an impact in America."

Their recording label, Electra is thrilled with Sir Paul's endorsement as well. Dana Brandwein, product manager in the Elektra marketing department said:

"If a Beatle says such wonderful words, it's something people will listen to. It's a no-brainer, really. We wouldn't be doing this if it was someone else because it wouldn't have the same relevance and impact. But Paul was all behind the idea, and we think that this gives the band some real credibility."


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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