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Wings Over America
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2003-Aug-21: The Third Annual Night of a Thousand Dinners

On November 25th, Miriam Makeba, "Mama Africa", will join Sir Paul and Heather, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, and many other world-famous celebrities for the third annual "Night of a Thousand Dinners". Once again world leaders, celebrities and ordinary people will gather to raise awareness and money for the removal of landmines. The dinners will be part of the No More Landmines – Day of Action - a day set aside to raise awareness and funds.

Do you need some ideas? Perhaps a look at the McCartney menu will inspire you. This is what Sir Paul and Heather will be serving their guests that evening:


Glamorgan veggie sausage: cut and crammed full of Chianti red onion jam served on celeriac straw;

Channa chatt :split mustard seed muffin, served with black sea salt, smashed potato and chickpea salad, layered with fried chatt spice channa poori, coconut mint dressing and tamarind jelly;

Caesars bunches: Parmesan bouquets tuilles filled with deep fried shallots and capers, stuffed with basil mousse, topped with violets and basil peaky leaf:

Porcini and Thyme Bavarois: sitting on buttered white leek and salsify crustille, topped with crispy roots:

Poke mole :sweet potato coriander beignets topped with chilled gazpacho relish, limey avocado and mole


Roast rock potatoes: steamed then finished in the oven with rock salt, splashed with sour cream, grated fresh horseradish and roast lemon;

Stingo peppers :griddled mixed peppers soaked in sherry balsamic and rosemary;

Cippollini onions: served with plump semi dry tomatoes, roast smoked garlic, loads of shaved Parmesan;


Yellow raisin and Marsala spinach roti;

Lavash tanoor;



Rusty nail: whiskey syrup pears sitting on hot ginger bread finished with chestnut Drambuie Chantilly;

Sweetie sheepy presse: along with cardamom apricot and air dried cherry berries finished with saffron lemon and honey soaked revani;

Coco gugelhupf: stuffed with melting truffle served with frosted almond cream


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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