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Wings Over America
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2003-Jul-13: Heather's Kindness

Six weeks ago, 14-year-old Laura Range's left leg was amputated following a tragic train accident.  When Heather Mills McCartney heard about the accident, she asked Laura's family if she could visit her in the hospital.  At the time, the young Liverpool girl was unconscious and could not receive visitors, so Heather sent her a letter of support and sympathy tucked inside a copy of her autobiography. In her letter, Heather promised to take Laura out for lunch to give her any help or advice she needed.

Recently, an emotional one-hour meeting took place between Laura and Heather.  According to Laura:

"It's the best moment of my life.  When I first set eyes on her I couldn't believe how beautiful she was - she's gorgeous. She told me all about how she lost her leg and then gave me advice on how to stay healthy and to keep my leg strong. Then we talked about my passion - dancing. Heather suddenly got up and did a little twirl followed by some dance moves. I was amazed. You couldn't tell she had a false leg at all -- she was so elegant and graceful."
Heather told Laura:
"I love dancing - I'm always the last one off the dance floor. You and I are very similar."
After removing her artificial limb to reveal her stump, Heather asked to see Laura's leg:
"I was a bit nervous. I don't like looking at it because I think it's ugly but Heather had shown me hers so I didn't feel so bad about showing her mine."
Heather gently ran her fingers over the girl's wounded leg and told her, "That's beautiful." Now Laura says:
"I'll never forget now that my leg is beautiful.  I won't be embarrassed or ashamed about it because Heather has made me feel confident. And just because I am different from other people it doesn't mean I am not as capable or beautiful as them. Heather also told me she wants to see me dance one day. Now I'm more determined than ever."
Later, Heather told the press:
"Laura is very courageous. I've promised that when I go up to Liverpool we'll go swimming together. I know that she will go on to inspire many other amputees, especially young girls."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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