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Wings Over America
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2003-Jun-28: Stella Perfume Launched in New York City

(Updated June 30) Stella McCartney was in New York city this week to launch her new perfume from her west 14th Street boutique. The fragrance will arrive in stores in September.  Stella told the magazine that her new rosy fragrance reflects her English upbringing and reminds her of her mother, who always made sure there was a vase of freshly cut roses in the McCartney home :
"The biggest inspiration was to create a perfume that I would want to wear. I wanted a smell that reflected my English side, something very traditional.  At the same time, I wanted to take my favorite smells and put them together in the same way that I use opposites and contradictions in by fashion design."
At one time, Stella was a fan of another famous fragrance:
"When I was 11 or 12, I dislocated my knee and my dad got me a bottle of Giorgio Beverly Hills.  I thought Giorgio was the greatest thing in the world. How intense is that perfume!"
No, in the perfume that bears her name, Stella strives  to capture the essence of an old rose the moment before the petals collapse:
"It's just the smell I grew up with.  I wanted to capture that beauty and fragility - that moment of perfection."
The scent also contains the woody scent of pure amber.  Stella says the rose and amber forms a "seductive, delicate and confident combination. 

The advertisement for Stella perfume features a blurred photo of a topless Stella McCartney.  According to Stella:
"It's a body double - nothing to do with me whatsoever."

Stella (the name of the scent) is bottled in a smoky plum colored flask.  Stella explains:      
"It's much sexier than spraying.  There is something dangerous about it.''
Has she tested it on Alasdhair?  Stella replied:
"Actually, it smells very good on men."
So is she really getting married?  Stella teased the reporters saying:
"Not true, don't believe what you read in the newspapers. ... Don't worry.  I'll come back and do an engagement launch."
Geoff Baker did offer a firmer reply to the question when he was asked this time.  "She is engaged," was his reply.  And in response to the rumors that Stella may not want to see her stepmother at her wedding, Mr. Baker's reply was:
"I have no reason to believe Heather is not welcome."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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