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Wings Over America
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2003-Jun-04: Liverpool Named European Capital of Culture

It was announced today that Liverpool has been crowned the the European Capital of Culture 2008.  Sir Paul, a proud citizen who helped the city in it's campaign to win the honor (see July 19, 2002) , proclaimed:
"I'm really chuffed at Liverpool getting the capital of culture.  This will be a much deserved boost for the greatest city in the world. The Liverpool people showed their hearts to us when we played there and we will always love them for it.

"We deserve it. Liverpool is Liverpool.  End of story!"

Sir Paul's brother, Mike, was present when the official announcement was made by Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell.  He described his feelings:
"There is a phrase in the McCartney family that says: 'Our bladders are too near to our eyes'. You could say that about Liverpool today. It was like Tom and Jerry in here - there were real tears of joy. It was a fantastic moment.
"Liverpool is unique. People used to worry about coming here. Now when they do, they say 'Wow, they don't hit us, they're nice people,' and they come back.  This will put an end to all that negativity and all those jokes about shell suits, people saying: 'Calm down, calm down' to  each other and going around stealing hubcaps.  The lovely thing is it will give people a chance to come and see for themselves what Liverpool is all about."
The Capital of Culture honor, which rotates between European countries every year, is expected to attract 1.7 million extra visitors to Liverpool and to create 14,000 new jobs for the inhabitants of the city.

During the Capital of Culture campaign, Sir Paul had these words to say about his home town:

"Liverpool is most rich in the history of its architecture, its music, its politics and much else besides. But most of all, Liverpool is rich in its people and for that I support its claim to be not just a cultural capital of Europe but the capital of the universe."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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