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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2003-May-25: A Backstage Interview

Today's Sunday People published a backstage with Sir Paul.  Is he tired after performing 91 concerts in 16 countries?
"People have said: Why are you going on the road? Just leave it, man, retire, go off somewhere'. But I've surprised myself. Rather than feeling exhausted, I'm exhilarated.   It's probably down to the fact I'm having so much fun playing with this band and getting such a great reaction from the audience. You forget how big a buzz it is."
Sir Paul also spoke of this tributes to John, George and Linda saying:
"When someone dies, there's things you wish you'd said to them while they were alive. That's what I Wish You Were Here Today is all about - I'm telling John those things.  The ukulele was George's favorite instrument. I always have this vision of him as a child with his ukulele."
"I always name check Linda, and there have been times when I've almost choked while singing my tributes.   It's been such a fantastic tour with fantastic people. The audience shaking their hips like there's no tomorrow, tears for John, Linda and George, and cheers for the band and Heather. I wouldn't have missed this for the world."
And Heather?
"She is my main cheerleader, she's my inspiration.  When she's down there singing and dancing it helps me get the energy to play through. It's fantastic to watch."
Sir Paul says that when he plays the piano,  it always reminds him of his early days with Heather:
"I was in the Carlisle Hotel in New York and Heather was away in London, but I got on the grand piano in the room and sang My Lovin' Flame to her down the phone. She cried when she heard it - it was a really special moment."
Sting was in the audience when Sir Paul performed in Paris:
"To be given such good feedback from a pop great like Sting was praise indeed.
"There are so many people who've helped made this tour happen - from the hundred strong crew, to the chefs who've made a total of 42, 272 meals, including sarnies, to keep this show on the road.  People's reaction to the tour have been phenomenal.  There have been seven-year-olds to 70-year-olds singing every lyric and then there was a special moment when two girls from the audience joined us on stage to rock to I Saw Her Standing There . I'm really blessed to do this. Life is just great!"
And after every concert, Sir Paul and his pals (including the band, tour manager and backing dancers) toast each other
"Those guys have so much energy and talent. We'd never played together before this tour."
he says.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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