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Wings Over America
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2003-May-21: Sir Paul Returns to Hamburg

Sir Paul returned to Hamburg today and spoke to a reporter from the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper about the "wonderful memories" he holds of the city from the early days of the Beatles:
"I have a lot of fond memories of Hamburg. But I also remember how much we froze, how we played all night long, how we lived at the back of an old cinema next to the toilets - and you could smell those. ... the women's toilet was our bathroom."
This evening, Sir Paul will perform in the AOL Arena - a venue quite different from the  Kaiserkeller where the Beatles performed:
 "[The Kaiserkeller] was great because it had a dance floor.  According to the contract we had to play six hours alternating with another band. That was 12 hours a day. Hamburg opened our eyes. We went to Hamburg as children and came back as adults.

"In Hamburg there was great leather gear.  We returned to Liverpool and wore black clothes from Hamburg.  Even in Liverpool people didn't know we were from Liverpool. People thought we were from Hamburg and said 'your English is really good'."

Die Welt's Hamburg edition contains an open letter to Sir Paul form his former Star Club manager Horst Fascher, who writes that he first saw the Beatles "on the 16th of August 1960 through the windows of an old Ford Transit":
"A lot of water has flown down the Elbe since then... together we made musical history".
Mr. Fascher says that seeing Sir Paul perform again tonight "will be one of the highlights
of my life".

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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