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Wings Over America
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2003-May-02: The Liverpool Concert Ticket Controversy

The British press is reporting today that the Liverpool City Council has upset McCartney fans.  It seems Sir Paul allocated 5,000 tickets to the City Council to be certain that Liverpool residents would be able to attend his concert.  It seems the tickets were offered to City Council staff.  A Liverpool City Council spokesman defended the action saying:

"The promoter has given tickets to a number of agencies and the council is one of those agencies. Sir Paul was determined that as many tickets as possible went to local people. What we decided to do with our allocation was to make the available to staff who are big fans of Sir Paul and live locally.

"What we want to do is try to make sure as many of our tickets as possible go to local people. Sir Paul wanted tickets to go to local people and, with 19,500 staff, we are the biggest employer."

Some McCartney fans do not agree, especially since the remaining 30,000 tickets for his Kings Dock concert sold out in just one hour.  One angry fan remarked:
"It is an insult to ordinary people. The tickets should now be handed back, otherwise there will be a riot."
Sir Paul's spokesman Geoff Baker told reporters:
"We were assured that tickets weren't being put aside for executives and would go to general workers.

"Ticket sales are incredible. Paul is very touched that there was such a huge demand for his Liverpool show. Paul would love to do another gig in his home city but it's just not possible. The rescheduled Sheffield gig is on May 29 and we have to pack up and move the stage to Liverpool. The Liverpool gig is officially the end of the tour so half our crew are off to other jobs the following day."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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