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2003-Apr-15: Justifying His Decision

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sir Paul defended his "'Composed by Paul McCartney and John Lennon" song credit decision saying he was entitled to take credit for the songs he wrote single-handedly.  He spoke of a meeting he had with John Lennon and some record label executives:
"They said, swear to God, hand on heart, but there was nobody else in the room and they're both dead, so there's no way of me proving this, except I believe it, I was there, and nobody else who talks about it was there, and they said, 'We can change it as we go along. And we can change it any time we want out of fairness'."
In his Mojo magazine interview, Sir Paul added:
"There's no tussle at all, but if on my songs, like Hey Jude or Yesterday, which John openly acknowledged, particularly in a Playboy interview, that he had nothing whatsoever to do with . . John actually made a list for the Playboy thing showing which songs were his and which were mine.

"I would be quite happy if, on one of the songs, it would be allowed, for my name to just come first. But I'm really not fussed. It's not anywhere near as big an issue as it looks. It gets played up in the press. It's a hot little story. And it makes me look stupid. More importantly for me, it's trade descriptions. It's so complex and I hate to go on about it but, for example, I was reading a book, an anthology of poetry, and one of the poems in it was Blackbird, which is my lyric. And it said 'by John Lennon and Paul McCartney'. Now John had nothing to do with those words, especially once they've been extracted from the music and put into a poetry book. I think it's fair enough to put Blackbird in a poetry book "by Paul McCartney". Give Peace a Chance? Take my name off it. It was a great, great anthem of John's.

"There is an unfairness there . . . I'm not trying to ruin John's reputation."

In a recent interview, Yoko Ono had this to say about the credits:
"As Ringo (Starr) stated, (the disagreement) was going on for a long time but not in public.  (McCartney) has got a quirk and we all have some quirks. Everyone knows what the credit is. If he wants to do that in his album, it's not going to change anything."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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