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Wings Over America
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2003-Apr-15: Defending of the Red Square Concert

Today the State Duma Council consultative body chose not to discuss a request addressed to the Russian president to cancel  Sir Paul's Red Square concert.  The request was initiated by a representative of the radical nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, Aleksey Mitrofanov, who believes that it is "inappropriate" to hold the concert on Red Square:
"Such concerts should not be held on Red Square, and it is essentially an unprecedented event, as artists have given concerts on this square only on holidays, for example, City Day."
Sergey Mitrokhin, deputy head of the Yabloko parliamentary faction, was surprised by the request:
"He McCartney won't be doing a strip-tease.  It is another PR action of the Liberal Democratic Party and, if it is voted on in the Duma Council , no one except for the members of this faction will back it, except for maybe the Communist Party faction."
Vladislav Reznik, deputy head of the parliamentary faction Unity, added that Sir Paul's visit to Russia is "a very important event":
"McCartney remains almost the only rock musician who has never sang in Russia.  I hope his concert on Red Square will take place no matter what the weather will be like. Russian Beatles fans deserve it."
Andrey Vulf, a member of the Union of Right Forces faction, thinks the concert is "a wonderful idea":
"It is the best platform for an artist of this stature.  Millions of Russians have waited for this moment for 30 years, and I don't doubt that McCartney has at least twice as many fans in Russia as the number of supporters of the most popular political parties."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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