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Wings Over America
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2003-Apr-14: Sir Paul's Mojo Interview

In an interview in this week's Mojo magazine, Sir Paul says that he believes that could run a highly successful Bed & Breakfast establishment:
 "You'd die for my breakfast - it's my Zen thing.  I cut up all these lovely exotic things, normally in this order: a melon, a papaya, some kiwis, bananas, peach and I make a fruit plate. I also serve tea, bagels and humus - I like quite a fancy, big breakfast."
In the same article, Sir Paul reveals that he and Heather were rejected as celebrity contestants on the Who Wants to Be A Millionaire television game show.  Sir Paul said they were disappointed when they met with the game's host, Chris Tarrant:
"Heather, in her keenness, said. 'We should come on the Celebrity Millionaire show ... I know all the answers Paul doesn't know and he knows all the ones I don't know'.  Chris said, 'No, you shouldn't come on. You'd be terrible'. It was hilarious because you'd expect him to be really keen."
Sir Paul also had a few things to say about the negative publicity Heather has received since becoming his wife in June 2002:
"The minute she married me, it was 'Who does she think she is?'  It's really quite unfair, but she's a sitting target. I think it did give her a lot of grief.  The same thing happened in the early days with Linda. It comes with the territory - marrying this guy. It's not so much me, though, it's just fame. The same thing happens if you marry Tom Cruise or Michael Douglas."
In the interview, Sir Paul says that now is "not fussed" about the issue of Lennon-McCartney song writing credits:
"There is an unfairness there, I think. But it's an unfairness I'm willing to live with. I don't mind, and I do think it has rebounded on me a bit because people want to know, ‘What the f--- does he think he's doing?’

"I've had letters from people saying, ‘Paul, you're doing yourself no favors. I was a big fan of yours but this terrible thing of trying to ruin John's reputation...’I’m not trying to ruin John's reputation.

He also claims that he is not feuding with Yoko Ono:
"I know that's the public perception of it, but I do not have a bad relationship with her.  We're not enemies, me and Yoko. We send each other Christmas cards and everything. She's more like a distant relative."
He also spoke of his grief over the death of his friend George Harrison:
"The bottom line is that I will see that man no more, and that's a little bit horrific for me. When you lose someone dear you just wish someone could magic it all back again."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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