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2003-Apr-08: Sir Paul Buys Carl Perkins Catalog

The April 12, 2003 edition of Billboard reports that Sir Paul has added the works of his friend, Carl Perkins, to his publishing catalog.  MPL recently acquired the rights to Carl Perkins Music for long-term worldwide administration.  According to Sir Paul:
"It's a very exciting time to be in the music publishing business.  Our company is a particularly special one, and it always thrills me to hear the music that we are lucky enough to publish.  It's a highly competitive industry, but MPL continues to succeed in all facets of the music publishing world."
Carl Perkins' son, Stan, is pleased as well:
"We, the family of the late Carl Perkins, are excited and honored to be associated with Paul McCartney and MPL Communications.  The admiration, friendship, and respect both personally and professionally that these two legends had for each other makes it fitting that we are now joined together to further popularize the music of Carl Perkins."
Bill Porricelli, MPL's senior Vice President of Promotion and New Product Development, said the addition of the Carl Perkins materials opens a new chapter for MPL which he says has always been a selective, low profile company:
"We're starting to acquire, when in the past we were just maintaining. We're also looking at another writer who's very contemporary, whom we'll sign very soon."
Allan Tepper, MPL's Vice President of Creative Services added:
 "We're trying not to overload ourselves with more than we can handle. Word gets out that you're doing things, and more people talk to you. We can't change from [having a] boutique feel and make promises we can't keep - and we don't want to acquire anything just to put it on the shelf. 'Less is more' has always been our motto - and we'll continue to operate that way."
Mr. Porricelli says that MPL continues to seek the "right opportunities" for Sir Paul's own works noting,  "You don't see a lot of his songs in sitcoms or every movie that comes along."  He adds that MPL has plans to place "little or unknown" McCartney songs in films.  For example, Sir Paul's "unknown songs" A Love for You and I'm Carrying" along with a previously unreleased version of Live and Let Die will soon be heard on the soundtrack of Warner Brothers Pictures remake of the film The In-Laws.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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