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Wings Over America
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2003-Apr-05: Sir Paul's Barcelona Interview

Last evening, 18,000 Spanish fans screamed "Ole-ole-ole-ole, Pauly, Pauly...", coaxing Sir Paul back on stage for his third encore.  Before the concert, Sir Paul relaxed by taking an afternoon bike ride in the Barcelona sunshine with Heather before meeting with Mirror reporter, Brian Reade, in his dressing room:
"After a tough few years, I feel like I'm back in the land of the living.  I've had my low points but now I've got this great band and Heather and, well, that's the magic of life. I wake up every morning and think: 'Nah, it's got to end, it can't go on' but it does.  (As he says this, Sir Paul touches wood.)
Talking about Heather, to whom he dedicated Your Loving Flame last evening with the words, "This next one is for ma meve donna extraordinaire", Sir Paul told the reporter:
"She is a fantastic woman with a great sense of purpose, a great sense of humor and, let's face it, she's not hard to look at.  She works her butt off for her land mines charity and she doesn't get a penny for it.  People think I do a good job but it's nothing compared to her. She gives people their lives back. I've seen it."
Does he consider Heather his mental Viagra?
"I'm a Viagra donor! This is where the world gets it from. I don't need that stuff. 
"Not many men meet up with one good woman. So I knew how lucky I was to find Linda. And then it happened again with Heather.  When I saw her at The Mirror Pride of Britain awards I thought: 'Wow, she looks great.' which was exactly the same with Linda. With both I had a very strong physical attraction."        
Have his children accepted Heather?
"It was tough at first but it's got a lot easier. After a year of intense grieving, I thought I'm not going to do this forever. I told the kids that I thought it was on the cards I'd find another woman. They said that was fine. But when I met one, it was different. They were shocked and had to take time to come around.  But it's not as bad as it seems. Basically, the kids get on well with Heather and some nice things are happening recently such as Heather wearing one of Stella's frocks at a charity do. It's all coming together."
And what about a baby?
"I don't know. We're married, we love each other and we'll take whatever happens."
Once again, during the Barcelona concert, Sir Paul dedicated his song Here Today to John Lennon, saying,  "This next song is for mi amigo John."  Speaking of this emotional moment in the concert, Sir Paul said:
"I said at the beginning of the tour, 'What will happen if I cry?'  because it happens with these songs and you never know it's going to hit you.  So I thought it's just too bad. I'm going to do it. I'll own up.  I was doing Here Today on the radio for America and I lost it. But then there's a lot of emotion and time in these songs. I'm talking about meeting 16-year-old girls right through to Linda. All my life is in there."
So what does he have to say about changing the credits to "McCartney and Lennon" on his new CD?
"I'm letting people know that the songs I sing today are my own and it makes sense to switch it around.  I'm doing nothing wrong. There was an agreement between me, John and Brian Epstein that if we ever wanted to, we could switch the Lennon and McCartney thing.  It came about because when we were proof-reading the Beatles Anthology, there was a picture of John and underneath it said: 'Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.' I thought that should be under a picture of me. I wasn't being big-headed. I just asked that for once in 30 years, my name could be switched as a reward.  It nearly happened but then it didn't.
"The bottom line is I know what I wrote and so did John. It has come out like I'm trying to dance on John's grave which is a pity because I am his biggest fan.  I'm the guy who knew him best. We slept together as teenagers, top-and-tailed in millions of hitch-hiking places. We were in little rooms doing the Beatles stuff when no one else was so I'd hate people to think I'm trying to do him down.

"We had our fall-outs over business. It was like a divorce and we bitched at each other. But we got to be good friends again before he died. It would have been really tough for me to deal with if we hadn't.  I used to ring him and we had some lovely conversations about ordinary things. I'd say: 'What are you doing today?' and he'd say 'baking bread'. I'd go: 'I bake bread' and we were swapping recipes across the Atlantic.  It was back to normal. I was proud to have him in my life. Same with Linda, George, my mum and dad. And I hope they were proud to have me in theirs. It's very sad but you have to move on."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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