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Wings Over America
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2003-Apr-04: Sir Paul Talks to the BBC

Sir Paul talked to the BBC today about the Liverpool concert that will close his European tour:
"The audience will be my relatives, most of them.  Where we are playing is on the bank of the Mersey and I like the idea of finishing there, finally bringing the whole thing home."
He also discussed his Russian appearance:
"It's the first time I have ever traveled there. It's exciting (because) we were chuffed in the 60s when we heard The Beatles were big in Russia. We thought, 'Wow! The power of music! We've even got behind the iron curtain.' Also (although) I wrote Back in The USSR, I have never been there and sung it. But lots of other people have."
Sir Paul said he never considered canceling his tour because of the war in Iraq:
"Our role is to lift peoples' spirits, to get out there and remind people of the value of peace and love, which most of our songs are about.

"It's a very complex issue.  World War II for my parents was 'Hitler is going to invade England, so let's stop him'. But now after 11 September, there's another threat, so it's a very difficult call.

"The bottom line for me is that I have a relative out there. I wouldn't do anything to bring them down. I am not a politician."

However, Sir Paul is a businessman:
"I go out there to earn money. All of us go to work to earn money and if we earn a lot of money we're pleased. I am the same.

"I certainly wouldn't announce it was my farewell tour because of all the people that say that and then, after a year, they say: 'Well, it's not quite my last tour - I'm coming out again!' I'm just not like that."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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