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Wings Over America
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2003-Apr-04: Sir Paul Speaks to the London Times

In an interview published in today's London Times, Sir Paul told reporter Patrick Humphries what motivated him to go on tour:
 "After making Driving Rain - we did a lot of that live - I was starting to think that it would be a good idea to play with these guys again, because every time I did it was fun. So we did the Superbowl, and it seemed silly to leave it there...  It was going to be Russia - I was thinking of doing a number of big event things and we were going to start by doing a big one-off in Russia. But then I started to think, it's a bit unsatisfying, this one-off thing, it might be nice to do a tour. I talked to the promoter and said: 'Well, what would you do if you were sticking us out on tour?' And he said: 'America! They're dying to see you out there.'

"So we stuck some tickets out on sale, and they went bananas: 15,000 tickets in nine minutes! People say you must know they're going to sell, but I say no way, don't ever think that. So we were very chuffed when we heard the figures, but then you get to this point where it was taking longer than an hour to sell out. It's like: 'An hour? Dear me, we'd better cancel that one'!"

He also talked about performing his Beatles classics:
"I used to have a very, very strict view that the Beatles stuff was sacrosanct. It's slightly different this time and that mainly came from the band. I didn't give the guys a brief. I didn't say to Rusty Anderson,  'You must copy George's solo.' He just started playing a solo, and I thought that's nice. I like what he plays - and I like the idea that he varies it each night."
What is it like being a member of the McCartney band?  According to Rusty Anderson:
"It's incredible. We've been doing rehearsals, and we've done a trillion shows - but all of a sudden, it just hits me, bam! Oh my God, look where I am! He definitely knows what he wants, but there's a lot of freedom. And I think everyone really respects the integrity of the original songs."
How did Sir Paul decide which songs to play?
"Very simple. Everything I do, I always just try to visualise it. And this was the same: just sit down and visualise that first night, as if I'm in the audience, and say: what do we want to have happen? Maybe I'm Amazed, Live and Let Die, then some interesting little things came in, like Here Today from 1982's Tug of War album as a tribute to John.

"When you do a show like this, you always want to come on with something to settle you. So we'll come on with Hello Goodbye, then by the time you've done Jet, you've met the audience, they've met you, and you can go somewhere else. But you need those buffer-zone numbers just to get you onstage, and if you are a little bit nervous, it helps you crash through a little bit, settles you."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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