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Wings Over America
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2003-Mar-19: Rehearsing This Week in the Docklands

Since Wednesday, March 12, Sir Paul and his band have been rehearsing at the Docklands' London Arena.  Sir Paul recently told The Wharf:
"It's been fabulous rehearsing here in Docklands.  I did a warm up show at London Arena some years ago and it's a great building for me to prepare for what I hope will be a really rocking tour.

"I was expecting to be exhausted after all the touring last year but instead I feel exhilarated and very excited to be playing back in Europe after 10 years. It will be particularly great to bring this show back to the home crowd."

Jeff Baker added:
"He's been at the Arena since Wednesday rehearsing for the tour,  The London gig will be at Earl's Court but we've chosen London Arena for him to rehearse because it replicates the size of the arenas in which he'll be playing."
Jim Brithen, head coach of London Knights ice hockey team spoke of sharing the venue with Sir Paul:
"We were in the Arena and Paul wandered over to us and shook all our hands. He's a true English gentleman. I said he could join us for a practice session but he laughed and said he was too out of shape.

"He's a huge star and it's really nice that he's stayed so down-to-earth."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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