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2003-Mar-15: Sir Paul's Massive Scottish Concert

The British press reports that Sir Paul is planning a massive three hour concert for his May 30 Celtic Park appearance.  Sir Paul will perform 40 songs, 22 of which will be Beatles classics.  It is reported that this will be the largest set of Beatles songs that Sir Paul has ever performed live. 

This will be Sir Paul's first appearance in Scotland in 13 years.  According to his spokesman, Geoff Baker:

"It is at Paul's personal insistence that he is playing Scotland. He was offered other venues in Europe but he told the promoters there was no way he was not going to play Scotland on this tour.  This  concert is going to be huge.  It will also include four songs which have not been performed elsewhere on this tour.  Among them two Beatles songs and a song which will not be performed anywhere else except Glasgow.

"So far one million people have seen Paul on his world tour.  It is getting bigger all the time.  But it is fair to say the Scottish gig is going to be special even by his standards.  There will be no other date for Scotland."

It may will be Sir Paul's last performance in Scotland.  A McCartney source is reported to have said:  "He will never do a show like this in Scotland again and you can read what you like into that."

The song Sir Paul will only perform in Scotland will no doubt be Mull of Kintyre.  It is reported that he is currently looking for a local pipe band to accompany him on the song.

Sir Paul is currently rehearsing for the tour in London.  He recently told the Sunday Herald:

"I expected to feel exhausted but I am actually feeling exhilarated. I am having so much fun playing with this band, playing this show and having a great time with the audience.'"
Sir Paul will arrive in Scotland with a crew of 150.  An additional 300 local workers will be hired to work with the McCartney crew.  It will take a week to prepare for the show.  The Scottish press doubt that Sir Paul and Heather will spend any time at HIgh Park Farm.  They say that Sir Paul has not been seen on Kintyre since he met Heather Mills. 

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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