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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2003-Mar-01: Singing the Truckee Blues

There was a little impromptu McCartney concert around 10:30 Thursday night in Truckee, California, a ski town about 15 miles from Lake Tahoe where Sir Paul and Heather are taking a ski vacation this week.   Thursday evening, the couple dined at Moody's Bistro and Lounge in the historic Truckee Hotel.  It just so happened that Thursday night is jazz night at the Truckee Hotel, so after dinner Sir Paul and Heather decided to stay and enjoy the music of Bob Greenwood's Jazz Duo. According to the Truckee Hotel's general manager J. J. Morgan:
"He wanted to listen to some music so we parked him next to the band. He was loving it.  We wanted to make sure they had a private, kind of incognito night, and I think he felt real comfortable."
After keyboard/base player Bob Greenwood and drummer Dennis Steele played My Baby's Request,  Sir  Paul asked the duo if they knew the song The Very Thought of You.  They said they knew the tune, but didn't remember the words.  Sir Paul replied:
"Don't worry about it, I'll come up and sing it.
"That floored me! " confessed Mr. Greenwood.  Then Sir Paul proceeded to compose a little Chicago-style blues tune with the band which he called The Truckee Blues.  Mr. Greenwood described the experience:
"He walked up on stage unannounced and said, 'If you guys can play the blues, I'll put my own words to it. '  He created three verses spontaneously. And the hook in the song was the Truckee Blues.  That knocked me off my feet. I couldn't believe he could come up with lyrics like that."
According to Bob Greenwood, Sir Paul is "a totally regular guy":
"All night long he was singing along and playing the cup with a spoon to the rhythm."
Even though Mr. Greenwood has worked with David Crosby and Billy Preston, and  has performed for former President Bush and Joe DiMaggio he says"
"But nothing has ever come close to this. I had to pinch myself when it was over."
One audience member added:
"I almost died. Here he is, 5 feet from you.  There were maybe 30 or 40 people there of all generations, all with their mouths open."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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