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2003-Feb-23: Heather Claims She is Wiped Out

(updated February 24) In her first British television interview since marrying Sir Paul, Heather Mills McCartney complained about the bad press she has received since her marriage to Sir Paul last year.  During the interview broadcast this evening, Heather told  BBC1 host, Michael Parkinson, that feels she is losing her identity:
"It's all just 'She's the bird of Paul McCartney' and it's just knock, knock, knock. He is a fantastic, fantastic man, but the stuff that comes with it is very hard to deal with.
"The lowest point of my life has been since the press turned on me really badly, which sounds crazy.  Now I'm at that stage where I feel absolutely wiped out. Everything I've worked for in my life, tried to do and overcome, it's all just been forgotten."
Heather claims the bad publicity has caused manufacturers of prosthetic limbs to shun her:
"I'd been trying to make these artificial limbs with cosmetic covers. But the manufacturers said, 'We can't make them with Heather Mills because she gets such a bad press'.  They don't want that association ... they'd rather go with someone else".
Dismissing the rumors that she doesn't get along with the McCartney children, Heather said:
"There's always problems between stepmothers think of Cinderella, there's the wicked stepmother.  It's just very easy to make up. And you just can't take the bait. I don't think the public are that stupid to believe everything they read."
Heather did admit that she finds it difficult to live in the shadow of Linda McCartney:
"I have a huge amount of respect for that marriage.  She did a great job on him - she trained him up well. And I believe when you've loved, like he's loved, it's much easier to fall in love because you haven't got so many barriers. So no, absolute respect for that.

"He is a fantastic man, but the stuff that comes with it is very hard to deal with. Nobody would have sympathy with it because everyone's dream person to be with is either Paul or George Clooney. I mean, George is cute, but nothing on Paul. He's very romantic, that's why I fell in love with him.  He said to me, 'How do I keep somebody like you?' And I said, 'Romance', it doesn't have to be anything else."

Heather then shared some advice about attracting a celebrity:
"Just stay cool and calm, don't start screaming because it really isn't a turn on at all".

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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