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2002-Dec-17: Mike McCartney's Show Flat Exhibit

This week the Liverpool papers are filled with stories about Mike McCartney's latest photographic exhibition which opened last Friday evening in a show flat of a Liverpool center housing development.  Sir Paul's brother told reporters:

"It's fascinating place to host this show - typically Liverpool. I want people who are out in town, whether they are Christmas shopping or having lunch, to pop into the show flat in Chapel Street and have a look around.

"It's a smaller scale show [only 30 photographs] but just as important to me, this is home. The week-long exhibition shows images of the city taken by me over the years. The Unity show flat in Chapel Street asked me for some pictures to hang on a wall. I liked the intriguing idea.

"The Unity flat is a symbol of New Liverpool and I am happy to play my part.  It is the complete opposite of having an exhibition in a gallery because these are pictures in a house. I am used to the National Portrait Gallery and exhibitions in places abroad - this is the other end of the scale.  I think the biggest compliment to me was when someone said what a great show flat it was - but who did those photographs?

"I am a big supporter of all the work that has gone into the Capital of Culture success in getting on the shortlist - this is just a little contribution from me.
The show flat is one of the city's new landmarks and is an innovative venue to stage my work. It's small, different and a talking point. I call it a symbol of New Liverpool - a reflection of the urban environment creating a stylish living space to house a new generation of city dwellers in 2002 and beyond."

Richard Miller, director of Rumford Investments which is hosting the exhibition, said he was delighted when Mike McCartney agreed to display his distinctive photograrphs:

"The renaissance that is taking place in the city is driven by the intelligence and creativity of its people. This is what attracted me to Liverpool in the first place.  That is why Rumford Investments is making a pounds 60m investment in the city.
Building an exciting new urban environment in which people will want to live and work will be both an expression of and a stimulus for this creativity.

"I am a great admirer of Mike McCartney's work, which has captured the heart and soul of the city with honesty and his unique sense of style. His striking images compliment the design values of Unity's show flat and it seemed a perfect environment for this unique exhibition."

Mike McCartney paid tribute to the work of Richard Miller:

"Richard Miller and people like him with a similar great vision are investing in our great city of Liverpool and helping us create a Liverpool with a bright and ambitious future and that definitely merits the title Capital of Culture."


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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