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2002-Nov-21: Is Sir Paul Buying A Home In New Jersey?

Bergen County, New Jersey's newspaper The Record reports that Sir Paul is planning to purchase an eight-year-old 6.95-acre estate on Lincoln Street in the posh East Hill neighborhood of Englewood New Jersey.  The $10.3 million property includes a main house, guesthouse, pool, and tennis courts.

In recent years, Sir Paul has established an Englewood connection.  He hired an Englewood band, Soul Solution, to play at his wedding.  Two years ago, he donated proceeds from a concert to the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

An accountant involved in the sale of the property denies that the rumors are true:

"Paul McCartney has no interest in this property.  I hate to disappoint them. They're never going to see Paul McCartney there."
Sir Paul's spokesman, Paul Freundlich, agrees, saying it would be "very, very surprising" if Sir Paul had purchased a home while concentrating on his concert tour:
"I don't know anything about it, to be honest with you. And I have no way of refuting or adding to this rumor."
A man helping to build a new iron security fence and a guardhouse on the property, however, was told he was doing it for Sir Paul McCartney.  When asked if this was true he cautiously looked around, smiled, and quickly nodded his head in agreement.

A realtor in the area explained that wealthy clients tend to keep their business records private:

 "Think how we would feel if there was a constant parade of people in front of our homes or people going through our garbage. And that does happen.

"Very simply, let's say one of Paul McCartney's people could have heard of Englewood and was told to check it out.  The agent passes on the information and the price range, and through the course of conversation, the team might say Paul McCartney is the client, and the next thing you know, Paul McCartney is moving into town."

A neighbor across the street commented:
"It's exciting, but everybody's wondering, 'Why here? '  McCartney could pick any town."
Meanwhile, traffic is building in the neighborhood.  People are walking past the house and slowing their cars down to take a look at what may be Sir Paul's new American address.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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