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2002-Nov-12: Mary McCartney Donald's Shocking PETA Ad


Lending her fashion photography skills free of charge to a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) anti-fur ad campaign, Sir Paul's daughter, Mary, is responsible for the shocking photo of pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor holding the body of a skinned fox that is being run in magazines all over the world.

Sophie Bextor states:

"Fur is pathetic when there are so many alternatives. I'm part of a generation that grew up with the 'We'd-rather-go-naked-than-wear-fur' campaign and it struck a chord with me.  To me it felt a very natural thing to do, to be on the side of animals when it came to fur."
Sophie added that Mary McCartney is dedicated to the cause that was championed by her mother, Linda.  Mary agreed to to the add because:
"I wanted to shoot something fresh and start a new onslaught on the fur industry."
Sophie added that Mary is serious about her commitment:
"She is very anti-fur and banned me from wearing any leather on the shoot."
Posing for seven hours with a dead fox wasn't an easy shoot.  It turns out even Mary's children's nanny played a role in the session.   According to Sophie:
"It smelt so awful. I have never come across something like that before. I can't begin to explain what that stench was like. The fox was found in the countryside. It was brought to the studio in a box and it had all it's fur still on. The photographer's nanny had grown up on a farm in New Zealand and skinned it.

"But the worst thing was holding the fox. I don't think of myself as very squeamish but it was really gross. It was too heavy to hold in the end. We had to use a bit of rope, tie it to the fox and throw it over a pole so I could concentrate on not looking in agony.

"I hope this picture sparks the debate on fur again. It's a serious subject but we've all just forgotten that wearing fur it totally unacceptable."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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