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2002-Nov-12: Sir Paul Hopes to Set the Record Straight with His New Album

(Updated November 13) It is well known that Sir Paul feels that he has never been given enough composer credit for many "Lennon/McCartney" tunes.  With the release of his Back In The U. S. Live 2002 CD, he hopes to set the record straight.  Today's Daily Mail quotes a McCartney insider as saying:
"It has always slightly irked Paul that John got most of the credit for songs that he might have only contributed one sentence to.  All Paul is doing is putting things right.  Most of the Beatles songs on the [new] album are ones that he did most of the writing for and that is why he feels they have a place on it.

"'A while ago he asked Yoko Ono if he could change the credit for Yesterday on the Beatles 1 album but she said no. He was very upset because that is many people's favorite song and he wanted it to be known that he wrote most of it.

"This is his own album so he can do what he wants. Some people might think he is being a bit pathetic after all of these years but it is a matter of personal pride for him - some would also guess that it was a slight dig at Yoko."

Sotheby's  Beatles expert, Stephen Maycock, adds:
"The group's first publishing deal demanded that every song was listed as Lennon/McCartney regardless of whoever wrote it.  A lot of the songs on this album were written primarily by Paul but John might have helped. For example, Hey Jude is primarily a McCartney composition but he was unsure over one of the lines and Lennon helped him with it.

"Towards the last few years of the Beatles they were collaborating less and less, but under the terms of the publishing deal everything they wrote had to go under the Lennon/McCartney tag.

"Paul probably now feels the time is right for him to take credit for the songs he wrote, but he has acknowledged help from Lennon by listing him as a co-writer."

Sir Paul's Back In The U. S. Live 2002 is scheduled to be released on November 26.

Next week, George Harrison's new album, Brainwashed, will be released.  Recently, George's son, Dhani, spoke about the loss of his "best friend in the whole world":

"It's horrible to lose your dad. But day by day I miss him more as a mate. 'He was a very easy-going guy and all he wanted was to be my best friend. I'm an only child and so he shared everything with me.

"I don't think my dad cared if he released it [Brainwashed].  He worked very slowly and he spent most of his time gardening. He was happy and never felt sorry for himself or went into depression. He was working and doing what he could. He was over the music industry. I think his album needed to come out, and we wanted to get it out."

"I think people are expecting a half-weak, sick person's album that was just thrown together by an estate to cash in on some money or something.  There are lines in Rising Sun that sound very much like they pertain to his illness, but there are lots of dual meanings in there.  There is also a lot of dark humor as well, and sometimes people might take that to mean something more grave than my dad intended.

"What we really strived to do is not impose on the album at all.  I don't want any personal gain from it, or take credit for this record. It's totally my dad."


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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