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2002-Nov-08: The New "Cook of the House"

(updated) Heather Mills McCartney has announced that she is about to follow in Linda McCartney's footsteps and will publish a cook book of her own.  Along with recipes for the vegetarian dishes she prepares for Sir Paul, the book will feature Heather's home decorating ideas and entertainment tips.

The book is still in the early stages of development.  According to Heather's spokesperson:

"It has not been written yet, but we are talking about it with an agent and there has been some interest from publishers."
The British press reports that many publishers find this cook book idea to be "distasteful" in light of the fact that Linda McCartney is so well known and respected throughout the world for her vegetarian cookbooks as well has for her line of prepared food which is sold internationally in supermarkets.  One publisher is quoted as saying:
"Heather giving the how-to of vegetarian tasties is treading on the territory of Paul's beloved late wife and will not go over well."
There is also concern as to how the McCartney children will react to this announcement.  One of Stella's friends is quoted as saying:
"Oh my God!  They are all going to be absolutely furious.  As a family brought up in a way which values privacy, they have already been staggered that she has written a book about her life with Paul.  To do this will completely infuriate them.  Vegetarian food was a subject beloved of Linda and it helped carve out for her a career separate to Paul's.  For Heather to jump on that bandwagon is disgusting and I know they will be very upset when they find out.

"Stella is getting married in December, so they will all be meeting up to discuss plans when Paul returns from his U.S. tour in the next few days. I can imagine there will be some pretty heated conversations."

Meanwhile, Heather's sister, Fiona, is completely infuriated with the article written about Heather in the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine.  In a letter published in the December issue of the magazine, Fiona writes:
"Having spent much time and effort arranging the interview and providing Leslie Bennetts with names and numbers of friends and colleagues to interview, I feel my time was wasted.  Bennetts did no more than reiterate tabloid rubbish, ignore facts, misquote friends and make assumptions on issues she knows nothing about. It seems there was no point in doing the interview as Bennetts obviously decided beforehand to misrepresent Heather pictured and portray her as a steely, self promoting, name dropping liar. It saddens me that Bennetts was not able to write a true and balanced article on someone who I know is a generous, thoughtful and loving person."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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