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Wings Over America
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2002-Nov-04: Sir Paul's $100 Million Tour

(Updated November 5) Billboard is reporting today that Sir Paul's Driving USA/ Back in the U.S. tour was both a critical and financial winner.  During his 50-date North American tour which ended in Phoenix last Tuesday, Sir Paul grossed approximately $100 millions (earning an average of about $2 million per night).

Sir Paul's tour will probably be proclaimed the top-grossing tour of the year 2002.  However, Sir Paul told Billboard that the tour wasn't really about earning money:

"Nobody goes out [on tour ]to lose money, but the main thing is the audiences are having fun.  In some ways, [the response ]has reminded me of the early Beatles tours.  The thing with the Beatles was that we were all just kids and had never done it before.  At Shea Stadium [New York, 1965], we were playing through the baseball PA system.   We're a little more at home now. This band is a great live band.  I 've played with most of these guys before, and we have a nice selection of songs.  This band has really taken off. And I'm surprised I still love doing this as much as I do."
And Sir Paul loves playing in the big North American arenas:
"I love 'em.  They're great for taking our show in and out. We're looking at playing
 some dates in England, and they don't have any places like this built.
"I suppose some people would balk at [ticket prices], but no one who has come to the show wants their money back.

"This tour [was] the ideal size.  After the first leg, we said, 'What we need is a nice holiday,' so we took some time off, I got married and had my honeymoon - a wonderful time."

Sir Paul's tour director, Barrie Marshall, echoes this sentiment:
"The money is obviously very important, but even more important is the response we saw.  Setting house records night after night was phenomenal, and we could not have asked for a more happy and successful tour. This has been a joy."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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