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2002-Oct-30: The Linda McCartney's Statue to be Unveiled on Friday

The British press is reporting this week that Sir Paul will be performing in Mexico and will not be able to attend Friday's unveiling of the Linda McCartney in Campbeltown, Scotland (see October 5).  According to Sir Paul's spokesman:
"We are on tour in America, so he will not be attending. It is an event being organized by the town, not by Sir Paul. I imagine he will go back afterwards."
Linda McCartney's three daughters, Heather, Mary and Stella will attend the Campbeltown, Scotland unveiling of the statue of their mother.  The McCartney sisters will arrive tomorrow by private jet will spend the evening together at the McCartney's' holiday home High Park Farm on the Mull of Knitter before the unveiling on Friday.  It is not known if their brother, James, will attend the ceremony.

A spokeswoman for Argyle and Butte Council, who have gifted the site, said:

"Sir Paul is not going to be there - we are not expecting him.  Linda and Paul came to Campbeltown every summer and they were looked upon as members of the community - their kids used to take part in the local gymkhana at the agricultural show.

"We were approached about putting the statue somewhere public about a year ago. The museum is a very fine building. It has a courtyard and garden, walled on three sides.  It's never been open to the public before, but will now become a public place with the statue.

"Kintyre has suffered with the shipyard and the Jaegar factory closing recently. The statue offers a glimmer of hope for the future." Sir Paul took his new wife Heather to his High Park Farm home in August and they stayed for over a month.

A trust has been set up to administer the statue and run the planned center.  According to  trust secretary Ron Roberts:
"Lady McCartney is someone the people of Kintyre are very proud of having had in their midst. She was someone for whom there was and someone who there was universal admiration.

"Sir Paul will not be attending, but he is very pleased with the statue.

"We are doing this as a community because we feel the community owes a great deal to the late Lady McCartney. While she lived here she was very generous to local charities. Everyone recognizes the immense contribution to the whole economy of Kintyre which the presence of the McCartney family means."

Mr. Roberts hopes to one day be able to exhibit Linda's photography in the site's Lady McCartney Gallery:
"We have had discussions with the McCartney family and are hopeful that this will happen - it would be nice to have her Kintyre work and aspirations for Kintyre remembered."


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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