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Wings Over America
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2002-Oct-22: "It comes back when I'm with me dad."

In an interview published in today's London Times, Stella McCartney told interviewer Sean Macaulay:
"I'm sorry. I'm terrible. I'm really boring. You must be thinking this is so dull.  I'm not a fashion junkie.  I don't read the magazines. I just get on with my work."
The interview was conducted at the Los Angeles Chateau Marmont hotel.  Stella told Mr. Macaulay that she is looking for a site for her Los Angeles shop.  She is also working on the production of Stella McCartney perfume:
"I've learnt that you start with the packaging and then you create the scent."
The interviewer notes that Stella speaks with a comprehensive school accent, however she can switch into perfect Scouse on cue:
"It comes back when I'm with me dad."
Stella was in Los Angeles for the launch party for Absolut Stella, a series of magazine advertisements for vodka featuring drawings of her clothing designs (see October 20). As part of the campaign, Stella has even had a cocktail created in her honor - a vodka variation of the rum and mint mojito:
"They were going to have a big, flash party, but I thought, that's not me. Don't want that. I can't stand the idea of VIP rooms. I'm really normal, I am.  I'd be much more impressed meeting a surgeon.

"I'm not shy.  I'm just afraid I'm really boring.

"Most people want to prove themselves on their own, don't they, regardless of who their parents are?  I remember when my graduation show at college appeared everywhere. I had always thought that you had to work really hard to get your designs into magazines. Suddenly I realized the difference in being the child of someone famous."

Although she wouldn't talk about her father's wedding, Stella did have a few things to say about Alasdhair Willis:
"We are just a normal couple. We're dating. I'm very content."
There has been no formal announcement or photograph of their engagement:
"I think it's naff to do that stuff.  I have never been one for having my picture taken, holding someone's hand for the press."
She and Alsdhair had just returned from a two-week walking, riding and swimming holiday in Ireland she described as:
"Bloody  freezing, but I'm used to it from my holidays in Scotland. We had a loch and I'd always be the first one in."
Other facts revealed in the interview: Stella is a "sociable smoker, she loves to ride horses, she has a 17-year-old dog, and her favorite meal is baked potato, beans, sour cream and lots of butter.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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