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Wings Over America
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2002-Oct-21: Stella Interviewed on "Entertainment Tonight"

(Updated October 24)  ET's Mary Hart interviewed Stella McCartney while she was in the United States to launch Absolut vodka's "Absolut Stella" advertising campaign (see October 20).

Has fashion been Stella's obsession since whe was a young girl?"

"I suddenly realized the other day that I used to watch a lot of Disney films. My mom used to love all the old Disney animated films and 'Cinderella' was one of my favorites -- it was that little bit where the little mice make her dress. ... It was a pink dress and the birds got all the ribbons. I must have liked fashion at an early age 'cause that was a big scene for me."
How did Linda McCartney influence Stella's career?
" Looking at the way she dressed was really a big influence for me, especially the stuff in the '70s, and much more.  Just her character is a very positive influence. I try and design clothes that will inspire women to have more confidence and feel better about themselves. I think her own freedom, the way she cut her own hair, was a very confident way of dressing, especially at that time.

"I'd be a cooler person if she were still here."

How did Stella meet Madonna?
"She came to my studio in London right before I left for Paris, when I just had left college. She came and bought some clothes and I made her pay for them through the nose. She basically funded my whole second collection really. But she came as a client. She didn't actually know who I was when she met me. She didn't know who my parents were.  But it was funny.  I remeber she came to the studio.  I was obviously really nervous.  The doorbell went and I as like, 'Oh, my God, it's her!' and I was running water in the kitchen and I didn't have an intercom or anything.  So, I ran down the stairs and I opened the dorr and it was her and like all these papparazi.  Oh my goodness.  She'd been waiting down there 'cause I didn't have an intercom.  And I went upstairs and I had overflowed the sink and it was like a whole kind of drama.  It was really like ... ugh! (rolling her eyes)

"And then I proceeded to tell her she had a fat ass."

To be successful in the fashion business, is it important to have celebrities wearing her designs?
"Yeah, I think in this day and age it is. We don't ever pay people to wear our clothes. I am definitely as interested in real normal people wearing my clothes. In fact I find it more of a reward if I go into a store that holds my clothes and I see women looking at it and responding to it and talking about it and discovering details. That to me is the best thing about what I do."
Sir Paul and Linda made sure their children had a normal upbringing?
"Yeah, there were six of us living in a two-bedroom house until I was, like, 15, so close-knit is probably the word you would use. I had a very normal upbringing. I went to state schools, and just kind of normal in a very abnormal kind of way."
Does Stella get nervous when her father visits her shows?
"I think when any of my family come to my shows it's something. It's more important to me that my friends and family enjoy the show than anything else."
Has her father's remarriage caused a rift in the McCartney family?
" I would never talk about things like that just because those kind of things are just very private to me. And obviously everything's totally fine in my family. Just too private for my own good, I'm sorry. I don't tend to talk about my fiancé, my brothers or my sisters or my dad in that private sense. Boring I know, but some things are more just sort of sacred, I guess."
Is she pleased with her new shop?
"It's great.  The shop in New York is completely animal free.  It's really amazing - probably one of the only fashion shops in the world."
In it is located in the heart of the meat-packing district?
"Exactly.  Sticking it right in their face!"  (laughter)

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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