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2002-Oct-10: Sir Paul to Perform in Melbourne, Australia

Australian officials announced today that Sir Paul will perform at Colonial Stadium's Telstra Dome in the southern Australian city of Melbourne on November 23.  It will be the only concert in the Australia-Southeast Asia region during his current tour. Victoria state Premier, Steve Bracks, announced that the government-funded Major Events Company is bringing in Sir Paul to Melbourne  (for an undisclosed amount).  Mr. Bracks said:
"This is an extremely rare and exciting opportunity for Melbourne.  I am delighted the city will represent Australia - and, in fact, the entire southeast Asian region - for the final leg of this amazing tour.

"It's an exclusive right that we have ... obviously this is of great economic benefit to Victoria because we will get tourists coming from interstate and overseas.  We know that there is a contractual arrangement for his tour, that he is only doing one tour, this is the last leg of the tour and we have the exclusive rights for Australia and the South-East Asian region. We don't want to disclose a price because it gives a competitive edge to our Victorian

Major Events Company boss, Steve Vizard, said that Sir Paul McCartney had originally confined his tour to select venues in the United States and Japan:
 "A lot of people have been having a crack at it, and honestly, Sir Paul could have gone anywhere. It's actually easier to list off the places he isn't going to.  (Securing the concert was) tricky, but with somebody like Sir Paul it's not about negotiation, it's more about reaching an understanding.  He has to want to come here, so it was about persuading him this is a great thing to do."competitors."
Speaking live via satellite from St Louis, Missouri, Sir Paul said the concert would  be :
"the Beatles show fans never got see. In the old days, the Beatles used to do about half an hour -- that was the length of the show. Or, 25 minutes if we were angry. The Beatles couldn't do that many songs. You could do 10 to 12 songs in that time."
Sir Paul said on his current tour he plays "three times the amount of Beatles songs that the Beatles used to do":
In a way, you could say it is (the Beatles concert fans never got to see).  All in all, whether that's true or not, the main thing for me is we are having a great time, really loving it, loving the audiences and loving the music."
And what does Sir Paul do during his time on the road?
 "I'll do a couple of shows, get a day off and wherever I am, I try to get a little sailboat -- just me in a little single-man sailboat -- and get out.  It means I get a really good balance, so by the time comes to do a show again I'm really looking forward to getting up there."

"Basically, I sat down and thought, 'if I was going to this show, what would I like to hear him do?' And I put down a list of favourite songs (including Getting Better)  "I had written it, done the vocals, mixed it and then (the Beatles) never did it.  And so, 30 years later, I'm doing it now for the first time, and it's like it's a new song.

"I've got a lot of fond memories of Australia.  Just seeing a kangaroo up close . . . with a joey in the pouch, that was pretty cool.  Riding out in the bush on the horses . . . I loved that. (And sailing unfriendly waters off Sydney)  I'd sail a little 12-foot dinghy hoping I didn't go overboard, knowing there were sharks possibly there.  I didn't fancy being eaten."

 Tickets to the concert will be available exclusively on the Internet from midday Friday, October 18.  Fans without access to the web will have to wait until Ticketmaster 7 starts selling tickets on Tuesday, October 22.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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