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2002-Sep-20: Stella's Good Morning America Interview

This morning, Stella McCartney was interviewed by correspondent Jancee Dunn on ABC television's "Good Morning America" program.

Why did Stella choose New York city as the location for her first ever store?

" First ever... for a number of reasons. I think, you know, I am, I am half New Yorker, so, you know, so, the choice was  really between the two. And I think New York's a pretty good city to start.  I really want it to be where just women can come, even if they don't really like the clothes. Every element that came in here I questioned whether I would have it in my own home, if I would want to live with that. And if I didn't, I didn't put it in."
Stella showed some of the garments being sold in her shop:
" It's a hand-knit sweater, and, you know, and then again layered over a really delicate, feminine, kind of slightly, I guess, more an evening chiffon dress .And then this very tight sexy pant underneath. It's just the mixing of everything I, you know, I enjoy doing. I don't really want to make the, the woman that buys my clothes feel like she has to buy a head-to-toe outfit. I don't really think that's a particularly modern way to dress. I think that I really am interested in making people feel more confident about themselves."
Stella says she her parents have been big influences on her designs - especially her mother. Is there a certain item in the shop that is emblematic of Linda's taste or style?
"Not specifically. No. It's more of a kind of feeling or an emotional or a philosophy really that I just carry with me throughout. "
When she designs a particular piece, does she ask herself, would Linda like this?
"Yeah. I mean, I, I design a lot of pieces, so I can't, I haven't got the time to ask myself that every single time I put pen to paper. But  yeah. I mean, I do. I think more, would she be proud of this? Would she like this? Yeah, I do do that."
 Why hasn't anyone seen the wedding gown she designed for her friend Madonna?
"I think it's a personal thing, somebody's wedding. I think, you know, if you want people to see it you do."
What about the rumors that Stella is engaged to be married to Alistair Willis?
" Don't believe a word of it."
 If Stella were to get married, would she design her own dress?
"No way!"
"Of course I would!"
 But back to the subject of her new store:
"Really, this is a big deal for me to have my first store, and I take it quite seriously really. I think that being able to sort of put your views across in your own shop with your clothes is a pretty big deal."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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