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Wings Over America
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2002-Sep-19: News from the Second Annual Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit

Last evening, Sir Paul and Brian Wilson entertained a star studded audience at the second annual Adopt-A-Minefield "Open Hearts Clear Mines" benefit which was held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.  Among the stars who enjoyed his performance were Pierce Brosnan, Rob Reiner, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Cameron Crowe.

The benefit was held to raise awareness of the global landmine issue and to raise funds for mine clearance and survivor assistance.  In her remarks last evening, Heather Mills McCartney stated:

 "Paul and I have dedicated ourselves to Adopt-A-Minefield because it is a solid program with tangible results. If we all pulled together as a global community, we can solve the landmine crisis within our lifetime."
Sir Paul added:
"There are still millions of mines to be cleared in the world. Not many people know about it ... We're all in this together."
During the event, Sir Paul and Heather presented  humanitarian awards to Jerry White and Ken Rutherford, the co-founder of the Landmine Survivors Network, and to Nobel laureate Jody Williams.

For nearly two hours, the audience was treated to performances by Sir Paul, Stephen Stills and Brian Wilson.  Sir Paul dedicated his song "Your Loving Flame" to "my beautiful bride".  Before he sang Blackbird someone in the audience called out that Sir Paul should "Run for president".  Sir Paul wagged his finger at the gentleman and replied, "Now that's silly.  You know it's silly."

What wasn't silly was that at the end of the evening, Sir Paul and Heather had raised  $750,000 had been raised for mine clearance and survivor assistance.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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