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2002-Sep-04: Heather's Speaks To "Vanity Fair"

The October edition of Vanity Fair will feature a candid interview with Heather Mills McCartney.  In the interview, Heather discloses that Sir Paul turned down her offer to sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding last June:
 "I wanted to prove that I love him for him.  He said, 'I wouldn't let you.'  It's the biggest insult to Paul to say, 'Oh there's nothing else a woman would want him for.' He's not talented? He's not sexy? He's a very sexy, charismatic man.  I've met someone who is at the same level intellectually, but who's like a little boy, so I feel like I'm a grown woman and he's my little boy. We're great for each other. I could eat him! I think when you find your soul mate you could sleep under their armpit.  I'm like a little dog.  He says, 'You're always sniffing me!'"
 Heather also talked about their courtship:
"I had flowers sent to me; I was sung to on the phone, sung to while I was making dinner. I thought: This is unbelievable! This is what people dream of.  I'm really happy. It's incredibly passionate. It's intense all the time and we love each other's company. Our favorite thing is to stay home. I cook a meal -- Indian or Thai or Italian -- and he dances around the room like Fred Astaire."
The couple also hopes to have a baby:
"I don't know whether I could have a child because of the ectopics.  I just say, 'What will be will be'. The last
 thing I want to say is 'It's Tuesday, it's five o'clock, I'm ovulating, let's go for it'. I adore kids and if it happens it happens, but I've seen too many people get too upset about it."
In the article, Sir Paul responds to the charges that Heather is a gold digger saying:
"I'm not stupid. Heather's a really nice person, or else I wouldn't  be attracted to her in the least. . . . But you're going to find people who are going to knock her, because the better story is the negative one."
The October issue of Vanity Fair will be released on Friday, September 6.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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