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Wings Over America
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2002-Aug-06: Promoting Sir Paul

This week's Billboard reports that the return of Sir Paul's concert tour to the United States this September is producing another rare collaboration between two competing promoters Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE) and AEG Live, both of whom promoted dates for Sir Paul's highly successful tour last spring.  Barry Marshall, Sir Paul's tour producer told Billboard:
"This has been a very good collaboration between rival companies.  It was very  important that we didn't have any sort of point scoring. Everyone understands that Paul runs the tour and his business, and we all work for him. We leave the egos at home and put our abilities to work.  To me, it just felt right. This business is still about people, and these are great people who still take a lot of pride in what they're doing.  We'd like to have had more people involved, but the trouble is if you get too many people, it gets complicated."
Mr. Marshall stated that Sir Paul coming back to tour the United States because he enjoyed himself so much last spring:
"When an artist can sing songs [he] wrote 30 years ago, 25 years ago, or yesterday and enjoy them all, what more can you ask for? Not one person, building, or venue wasn't very accommodating. They were pleased to be there, as we all were.  This has been the most joyful tour I've ever been involved in.  In this business, there are special moments you savor forever, and this is the happiest tour I've ever been involved in, on every level."
AEG Live CEO, Randy Phillips, told Billboard:
 "I know for a fact that the artist, tour director Barry Marshall, and his people were blown away by the job we did. At least that's what was expressed to us. In fact, we have a bigger share [of dates] than last time.   The truth is, we ended up with 23 shows, but there were easily 40 out there, if we had had the time.  Everybody wanted these dates. Besides being a huge revenue generator, it's also a prestige date for these buildings."
 CCE's Brad Wavra added:
 "This is a complicated show artistically and technically. Barry Marshall expected nothing less than perfection, and achieving perfection on 27 consecutive dates is hard to accomplish. You  need the right people in the right spots doing their job every day, and Barry put the right people in the right spots from the beginning. And that translated [into] magic every night on-stage.

"There were a lot more cities that could have been played. And who knows?  If Paul McCartney has the same experience, and the audiences are as responsive and enthusiastic, we can only hope that cities that  haven't had the chance to experience this concert of a lifetime will have that opportunity."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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