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2002-Aug-03: Life in Mull of Kintyre

Today's Scottish Daily Record features Part I of a series of reports on the life of Sir Paul McCartney.  This first installment focuses on Sir Paul's life in Mull of Kintyre.  It opens with the story of Sir Paul and James stopping into a Campbeltown video shop on a Sunday afternoon.  Main Movies shop owner, Dale McArthur, recalled:
"Paul popped in with his son James. He was carrying a camcorder and had probably been filming in the street. My assistant was totally in awe of the fact that Paul McCartney was in the shop. But everyone just treats him normally. He's really down-to-earth. I helped James pick a out a film - Robert Carlyle's Ravenous - and then they left.

"We do get people coming in wanting to look at property in the area because they've heard Paul McCartney has a home here, so they know it must be a lovely place. People do sometimes ask if we can tell them where he lives, but we'd never do that.

"James is often in the area surfing and pops in. He's very friendly. Stella has also been in - she's naturally stunning and a really nice person. The family know they can get away from it all here.

"The last time I saw Paul in here, he looked very happy and relaxed - he must have been seeing Heather by then. I haven't seen his new wife yet, but everyone here wants him to be happy."

In the article, Sir Paul's friend and spokesman is quoted as saying:
"He loves Scotland - he's written some of his best songs there, new and old.  He's sharing his life with Heather, so I'm sure he'll share Scotland with her, which he says is his favorite place on earth. But I don't know when he's planning his next visit - he doesn't tell me."
Paul usually arrives in Scotland in his private plane and stays at his large, secluded farm.  A neighbor, Anne Leith, told the Daily Record:
"He normally comes up every year, usually around this time. But whether he'll appear with Heather I don't know. It must be really difficult for her coming here because the area was very much a part of Linda McCartney.  It would be very difficult for Heather to fit in, but, of course, the locals will make her as welcome as they would anyone else. I think it would be hard for Heather, but perhaps she'll just shrug it off.

"I think Paul was up last year for a few days, but I don't think Heather was with him. Everybody is waiting to see if they will arrive. It's such a fantastic place, I'm sure she'd love it, too. We saw Stella last year. She's quite quiet - most of the family are. They just want a bit of normality. That's why they come here.

"It's brilliant having Paul here, he's done so much for the area. He has given donations to various local causes, but it's all low-key. He's just one of the crowd really."

Ian McKerrel, Campbeltown's barber adds:
"All the locals hope Heather will like it here, too, so that they'll keep coming back.  Paul usually comes up about twice a year. He's just an ordinary, albeit very talented, down-to-earth man. He can walk down the street and nobody bothers him."
The Daily Star reported today that friends of Heather are saying that she is upset about the life-size bronze statue of  Linda that Sir Paul commissioned for the Mull of Kintyre. Heather's friends are saying that,  "Linda' s ghost haunts Heather.  "She wants Paul to concentrate on her. Many women would feel the same."

However,  Sir Paul's spokesman, Geoff Baker has assured the press that Heather is "in no way displeased with the statue."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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