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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-19: Auntie Jin's Family Goes to the Wedding

Today's Liverpool Echo published an interview with Sir Paul's second cousin, Sally Murphy (Paul's father's sister, Auntie Jin, was her grandmother) .  Sally, who manages a sauna at Guinea Gap Leisure Centre in Wallasey, is married to Kevin Murphy and the couple has two children, Harry (age 9) and Finn (age 4).

The invitation to Sir Paul and Heather's wedding arrived about six weeks before the event:

"It didn't actually say wedding.  I think all it said was, 'You are invited to see Paul and Heather on a special day' and what the date was."
Of course, that meant that there was lots of shopping to do!
"There was me; my mum Jackie Harris; my sisters Liz Fog, Sophie Forshaw and Polly Harris, and my sister-in-law Karen Harris. My brother-in-law Ronnie, who we call Foggy, also came with us. The first time out we went to Chester and I bought a beautiful evening dress for about pounds 250, but it was too soon really, and I didn't know whether it was going to be a day or a night do. When I realized it was just straight through, I knew that wasn't going to be suitable. So the search had to begin again.

"We probably went to more than 30 shops from Chester, to Manchester, Liverpool and Birkenhead. There was a lot of pressure.  Which is why, in the excitement probably, I told everyone I'd got my wedding suit from Asda!" (she laughs) It was actually a shop NEAR Asda. But I'll never live that one down."

Sally ended up with a trouser suit from Asda in Liscard which she wore for the journey to Ireland.  For the wedding itself, Sally had a suit specially made for her at a bridal shop nearby called The Glass Slipper:
"We actually went there looking for hats and there was a woman in there with a suit on which I admired, and she told me she'd had it made there. I said that if I didn't find anything I'd ask them to make me one - and that's what happened. It was made in a red silky fabric with trousers that were fitted at the top and very flared (they looked almost like a skirt) and a matching boned basque top, which I teamed with black accessories including a stole borrowed from my mum.  It cost pounds 145 and it felt great."
Then Sally talked about the wedding day:
"All we knew at the start of the day was that we had to check in at the Servisair Desk at the airport. Because of the press interest, we did know where we were going although nothing was official.

"We were in the church for a while before we headed off for the reception.  There were three marquees - though we called them tents - all decorated in an Indian theme in white and gold, one for socializing with Champagne, one for the food and one for the party afterwards and we just moved from one to the other.  It was a wonderful day - a fairy tale wedding like nothing I had been to before.

"The next day, we left the hotel at 1:30 pm and arrived back at 5:30.  We expected a lot of famous people but, while there were a few well known faces, it was mainly friends and family. Not having much family, Heather had invited a lot of friends, and they were lovely, very down to earth people.  Heather looked stunning, so pretty, but then she always looks good. And she's great too. I'm sure she and Paul will last."
What did Sally give the couple as a wedding present?
"We'll probably all club together for a sensible present as a keepsake to mark the occasion and make a donation to Heather's charity. But, like Mike McCartney who bought them a frisbee, we went for jokey presents on the day.
"For Heather, we bought a tiara that was very furry, flashed and played a tune. And for Paul, because we always joke about Foggy (brother-in-law Ronnie) crawling around him we bought something to keep him away. A can which said 'one spray and the Fog disappears'.
"The memories, though, we'll have forever."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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